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Words of Wisdom


By: Amy Fuentes

LiLoLa Coaching


Words of Wisdom is ideal for anyone going through challenging times and needing to shed some perspective on their situation. Like talking with a true friend, it comforts and reminds readers that “This too shall pass” and that “You are truly amazing just the way you are.”

Whether it is read cover to cover or choosing a page at random, there is no right way to read it. This book makes an exceptional gift for someone looking to gracefully move forward through life’s changing times like graduation, getting married or divorced, or overcoming the death of a loved one. A book that will be picked up again and again, each time giving a message the reader needs to hear.

Perfectly sized for a nightstand or to take on the go, Words of Wisdom makes the ideal companion as you start or end the day--or whenever an encouraging inspirational pick-me-up is needed.

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