Raising Money-Savvy Kids VIP Package




If you are someone that wants a bit more interaction and support, you are invited to take advantage of our VIP upgrade and get these additional items:

Included in the VIP upgrade:

6 live group coaching sessions with Amy and Sittah where you get your questions answered
6 weeks support — we hold your hand every step of the way
Accountability of a mentor –Stop procrastination and achieve what you set out to do
Access to a private facebook group that provides support by a group of people experiencing similar circumstances–the connections you make are priceless!
6 coaching videos on how to Stretch Your Dollar and live your life for less!
A Parent-Child Meditation to help calm your nerves and be your best when dealing with your child.
The Allowance Advantage e-book that explain how to use allowance as a tool to teach money management

This VIP package is worth $3,141 but today we are offering these amazing additions for just three payment of $997! Yes, that’s almost a 70% discount!  We know the financial constraints people are currently under and we really want to make it available to as many people as possible now in order to alleviate stress, worry, guilt and helplessness.

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