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Raising Money-Savvy Kids VIP Addon


Raising Money-Savvy Kids - Cover

If you are someone that wants a bit more interaction and support, you are invited to take advantage of our VIP upgrade and get these additional items:


Included in the VIP upgrade:

  • 6 live group coaching sessions with Amy and Sittah where you get your questions answered
  • 6 weeks support -- we hold your hand every step of the way
  • Accountability of a mentor --Stop procrastination and achieve what you set out to do
  • 6 coaching videos on how to Stretch Your Dollar and live your life for less!
  • A Parent-Child Meditation to help calm your nerves and be your best when dealing with your child.
  • The Allowance Advantage e-book that explain how to use allowance as a tool to teach money management

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LiLoLa programs include easy-to-follow modules that allow parents to change their own, as well as their children's, money handling habits step-by-step.


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The LiLoLa Affiliate Program offers the opportunity to be a part of the life altering system that we developed for parents and their kids.

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