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Parent-Child Meditation


How To Stay Calm And Connect With Your Kids

Even When They Are Driving You Crazy!

Parent-Child Meditation-01

Breathe, they say. It will be okay, they say.

Well you are breathing so hard that you are almost hyperventilating, and it is NOT okay! Whether you have a newborn who cries all the time, a toddler that asks you “Why” all the time or an older child that asks for money or tests your limits all the time, you can remain calm and stay loving and connected if you have tools.

What Tools?

The best and most important tool you already have. It is your mind. You just need to condition your mind to remain calm, cool and collected under these situations, so you don’t blow up like a volcano and lose your cool by screaming your head off at your kids.


Sittah takes you through the steps in her transformative Parent-Child Meditation. No woo-woo. No chanting. Just listen to her calming voice as she helps you settle your mind so you can react with calmness and compassion. Your relationship with your children means the world to you. Nurture that relationship by learning a way to handle situations when your kids drive you crazy by listening to this meditation.

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