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Coronavirus Confinement Activities


Weeks One Through Four

Keep yourself and your family HAPPY and HEALTHY!


To help you laugh when you may feel like crying, we have created a list of CONFINEMENT ACTIVITIES to help you and your children find laughter and movement when you are not working and they are not studying. These activities will hopefully make you laugh and release tension.

How is isolation going for you?

We have created another exciting tool for you and your family: Activities that will help you LAUGH and MOVE as well as a HEALING LIGHT MEDITATION that will help you calm your nerves and become MORE RESILIENT to the current challenges, both physically and emotionally.

We are at the end of yet another week of being quarantined and it is time to celebrate this unprecedented time. We know it is tough keeping the kids entertained while staying indoors and away from friends, so we came up with a great idea and one that will help them deal with the isolation.

We may not be able to control the events that happen in our lives, but we can certainly control the way we look at them. Some people may have looked at this confinement negatively; being isolated at home away from friends and family.

But this negative perspective doesn’t make the time we are confined any better. So instead, I challenge you to look at this time in a positive light. It just may make the time go smoother and will definitely make it more enjoyable.

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