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Coronavirus – How We Can Help You


Week 2

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How is confinement going for you

Coronavirus Confinement Activities And Healing Light Meditation:

How is confinement going for you?

Some of you might have just started it and you might still be full of anxiety and worry about what will happen. Or maybe you are excited about the new opportunities of spending time with family and completing some home projects.

Some of you, like us, have already been home schooling and working from home for weeks (we are finishing week 4). You might be getting a little restless, worrying about how long this will last, be fearful about your job, your finances, your kids’ schooling, your family’s health, the world economy, ….

Believe me, whatever your emotion, whatever your worry, … you are not alone! We are all together on this emotional rollercoaster. And we totally understand and support every emotion you might be going through right now.

However, we also know how powerful our mind is and how much our thoughts can support or damage us. That is why we want to continue to provide you with help.

We have created a second week of CONFINEMENT ACTIVITIES that will help you and your family keep laughing and keep moving (and beware: this is not only for children! We all need to move and laugh as much as possible so don’t be shy and let your inner child out to play ????)

This week we have also created a HEALING LIGHT MEDITATION. This meditation can help you calm your nervous system and boost your immune system. It will provide you with a short breather and give you enough positive energy to continue your day with a smile and renewed hope.

NOTE: You do not need to be a regular meditator to do this and to benefit from it.  Our meditation is short, powerful, and suitable for everyone, both regular meditators as well as people who have never thought of meditating before. All you need to do is make yourself comfortable and listen to Sittah’s soothing voice for 10 minutes. Try it … and if you are new to meditating, please let us know how you like it! ????

Sending you much LOVE and LAUGHTER, Sittah and Amy

And PLEASE, if you have any great ideas you want to share with our community of Lovers and Laughers that can improve someone’s situation, please email us at We are happy to share anything positive and uplifting!

Speaking of sharing, if you know of someone that would benefit from having these CONFINEMENT ACTIVITIES, please have them sign up to get them and the additional activities we will be sending throughout the crisis by giving them this link:

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