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Coronavirus – How We Can Help You


Week 1

LiLoLa Coaching


Hi, for those of you who have come here via Amy’s birthday give-away, you will find my business partner Sittah’s story below which has inspired us to create this gift for you:

Hi, I am Sittah from “LiLoLa – Live Love Laugh” and I live in Italy! Yes, not the best place to live in at this moment in time. ????

Since the Coronavirus has started spreading in Italy we have gone through a whirlwind of actions, reactions and emotions in our country. I can see that all these same emotions are evolving in countries who are slightly behind Italy in this development.

I would like to share some of my experiences in the last few weeks as similar experiences might be coming your way shortly and I want to help.

Last week, after several weeks of listening to the news constantly, and having sleepless nights filled with panic, worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, and so on and so on, I have realized the following:

Our Earth’s energy is currently filled with incredibly negative emotions. When you are surrounded by these negative emotions, your body and mind will struggle to stay strong and healthy. We have therefore decided to help raise emotions worldwide by spreading LOVE and LAUGHTER. We hope that you will benefit from this.

In Italy, schools have been closed for three weeks and our family has been in total confinement for almost two weeks. As most of you can imagine, that is a challenging situation for everyone:

  • How do you keep your children happy and healthy?
  • How can you make sure they don’t fall behind in school?
  • How can you make sure they still get enough fresh air and body movement and don’t just spend their time sitting on the sofa or in front of a screen, eating junk food?
  • How can you make sure their immune system is as strong as possible so that they don’t get ill?
  • How can you make sure they don’t get so bored that they start driving everyone in the house completely mad?

I have thought all of this and you may be thinking it too.

There are a lot of amazing people out there who have already put together superb online learning programs and we will share some of those links with you below as we are very grateful they have been made available.

However, what about laughing? And loving? How can we make sure we don’t get stuck in the seriousness and worry which isn’t good for anyone. How can we make sure we keep laughing, seeing a humorous side of the situation? How can we make sure we fill our hearts with love which is a strong, positive emotion which will help us stay strong and healthy?

Laughing produces endorphins which create a feeling of happiness and lightness. It also relaxes your muscles that will allow you to breathe deeper and increase the flow of oxygen in your body which in turn improves your body’s immune system. So,… LAUGHING is VITAL in this situation to stay healthy.

To help you laugh when you may feel like crying, we have created a list of CONFINEMENT ACTIVITIES to help you and your children find laughter and movement when you are not working and they are not studying. These activities will hopefully make you laugh and release tension.

We have also created a list of EASY, HEALTHY SNACKS that you can make with your children which are fun to prepare and will keep everyone’s bodies happy too.

All of these are ABSOLUTELY FREE!  We are sharing this to HELP. All we ask is that you give us your email so we can send you the CONFINEMENT ACTIVITIES and stay in touch and send you more positivity and ideas as we go along.

Oh, and by the way: These activities are created to keep your kids entertained and laughing, but you know what…. you can do them too because you really want to make sure you keep laughing too. So get your inner child out there and start being silly!

And PLEASE, if you have any great ideas you want to share with our community of Lovers and Laughers that can improve someone’s situation, please email us at We are happy to share anything positive and uplifting!

Speaking of sharing, if you know of someone that would benefit from having these CONFINEMENT ACTIVITIES, please have them sign up to get them and the additional activities we will be sending throughout the crisis by giving them this link:

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