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The Allowance Advantage


Did your parents give you an allowance?

Times have changed since we were children.


There are so many responsibilities we have as a parent…Not only to keep our children fed, clean, and behaving, but to nurture and educate them too! We run them from school to activities then home for homework and dinner before showering, brushing their teeth and going to bed.

At night there is no rest for us, as the adult responsibilities of bills, repairs, scheduling appointments, and getting ready for the next day all must take place. You fall into bed exhausted both mentally and physically and just as you are ready to drift into dreamland you think…when should I start to teach my kids about money? And more importantly, how do I do that with my brain and day maxed out?

Searching the Internet is overwhelming and confusing as you don’t know who to trust and it all seems sooo complicated. You know this is important stuff that they don’t teach in school, but did you know that according to a 2013 University of Cambridge study, people form their financial habits by the age of seven? I’m not telling you this to stress you out. No, I have your back!

Even if you don’t feel you are good with money, teaching your kids about it is easy when you have the necessary tool. I personally perfected and successfully implemented an allowance as a tool to teach my kids about money and now I share these insights with other parents so they can do the same. This inexpensive, easy-to-implement, proven successful eBook will help you take this complex subject and break it down in a way that is fun, engaging, easy and won’t require taxing your already overworked brain. For just $12 you can get the answers to your questions as well as a plan on how to teach your kids about money with “The Allowance Advantage”.

  • How much should they get?
  • How often should you give it to them?
  • What should they have to pay for with their Allowance?
  • Do you have a say in how they spend it?

All of these questions and so many more are answered in this easy to read and implement ebook. It’s exactly what I did to teach my kids about money when they were growing up. Now my children are in their 20s successfully living on their own with no money worries… And it all started with their Allowance. Find out how I did it and how you can too in “The Allowance Advantage”.

This book will give you well tested, easy to follow advice on how to deal with your children's allowance effectively so that you actually save yourself money.

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Times have changed since we were children. It's time to update our idea of an allowance.

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