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Join the movement to help raise a debt-free, financially secure generation.

LiLoLa Coaching Affiliates enjoy tiered commissions!

We have created the Raising Money-Savvy Kids course to revolutionize the way kids learn about money management. But creating a program will not have the impact without getting it to the people who need it. Those who join our family and help to get the word out about this life-changing program, will be compensated for their assistance.

What is an affiliate?

Affiliates use their own marketing skills to help promote products; in this case LiLoLa Coaching's amazing programs. Individuals and organizations promote the benefits of LiLoLa Coaching’s products and share in the success of our courses by receiving a purchase-based commission

FAQ for new affiliates:

  • Will promotional material be provided or will I need to create all materials myself? - A promotional packet has been created and will be delivered to you prior to the launch.
  • Do I need to get approval for promo materials I have created? - Since you are new to the program, we ask that you submit any promotional pieces other than what we have provided to you, for approval prior to publishing.
  • Can I do podcasts to promote the course/challenge? - Great question! We feel the message needs to come from LiLoLa Coaching. If a podcast opportunity presents itself, we would be happy to share the information about the course and have you do it with us.
  • Can I include the program in my blog posts or articles? - Yes, as long as you use the information we provide in the Promotional Packet. If you wish to write your own, we ask that you submit any promotional pieces to us for approval prior to publishing.
  • Who pays for advertising? - Should you decide to invest in ads on any platform that would be at your own expense. If you do this, the ad copy must be approved by LiLoLa Coaching prior to being used unless you use items from the Promotional Packet.
  • Will you do live casts on IG, FB, LI, etc? - YES! We are happy to share about the program on all social media platforms.
  • How far in advance can I start promoting the course? - You can start letting your followers/clients/customers know that you have a big exciting announcement any time. However, the announcement and promotional push starts September 1st
  • Will you write a guest blog? - Absolutely!

When you succeed, we succeed!

We wanted to make the LiLoLa Coaching Affiliate Program accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to take part in promoting our fantastic courses.

That is why we offer an affiliate program designed to show your sales performance in real-time. Use our Affiliate Area to easily generate your own links and track how many people purchase.*


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Why join the LiLoLa Coaching Affiliate family?

The LiLoLa Coaching Affiliate program provides more than a commission. You become part of our family helping us to fulfill our mission to help raise a financially savvy, debt-free generation. We value all you do to help spread the word about our amazing programs.

So, we created a promotional packet to assist in your efforts. Plus, we generously compensate you for all your hard work!

LiLoLa Coaching Affiliates enjoy:

  • Easy Registration - Simply scroll down to get started!
  • Quick Access -  Enter your affiliate profile quickly by clicking the link in the upper right corner of the home page.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Area - Access your affiliate profile and view how many people click your link, purchase and so much more.
  • Tiered Commissions - We offer affiliates tiered commissions based on number of completed sales. Below is a breakdown of how tiered commissions work:
    • 1 - 25 Confirmed Registrants = 20% Commission
    • 26 - 50 Confirmed Registrants = 25% Commission
    • 51+ Confirmed Registrants = 50% Commission
  • Real-time Tracking - See how your marketing efforts are working by tracking link performance in real-time.
  • Direct Payout - Receive payments directly to your PayPal account. Payments will be dispersed 10 days after the course ends.

As part of our family will want to give you the tools to successfully bring our program to parents of kids 5+ years old. Therefore, we have created a promotional packet that includes information, blogs, ad copy with photo, and FAQs for you to use in promoting the course. You are welcome to use excerpts or the items as they are, however, if you create a promotional piece on your own it MUST be approved by LiLoLa Coaching.

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*All promotional materials need to be reviewed by LiLoLa Coaching prior to use or distribution.